Hair Filler

Unlike fillers for your skin, hair fillers are more of a catch-all category for in-salon treatments and at-home bond-building products. 


Hair fillers are used as a noninvasive treatment for thinning hair on the scalp, they often give an appearance of thick and full hair for 24 hours but can achieve long-term results by providing nutrients in the hair.

Whether you have fine or damaged hair, a receding hairline, or just want added thickness, there’s a hair filler solution for you. “When you really break it down, there’s a hair filler technique or product out there for everyone looking for added fullness,

Treatment Benefits

Boost Volume

Boost your hairs volume with our specialist treatments that will give your hair a denser look.

Add Nutrients

By adding nutrients to the scalp this will aid you to improve your hair follicle rejuventation.

Promote Growth

Overall the process will promote hair growth long term and also inhibit hair loss in the short term.


Hair Filler

1 hair filler treatment


Hair Filler x 4

4 sessions of hair filler treatment


Client Results

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Stephanie DConsultation
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Amazing experience! Would definitely recommend
Graziele DNose Filler
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I love
Ana RLip Filler
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Saoirse RLip Filler/ Nose Filler
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Very lovely and welcoming, so happy with my nose and lips! Would definitely recommend
Roisin BFiller Dissolving
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Great professional service, very knowledgeable, would recommend!
Vicky BFace Contour
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Very kind master! The results of her work are beautiful and satisfactory
Diana KLip Filler
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Love my lips! Thank you I'll be back to you again ! 💋💋 very nice lady 🥰
Nicky FLip Filler
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Would HIGHLY recommend the bolo clinic lovely calm environment,very clean, and the technician was so welcoming and easy to chat to. My lips are so fab I will definitely be back ❤
Luna SLip Filler
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So patient and caring, did a great job along with giving advise on what will work and what she thought would suit my skin type and shape best. Will 100 percent be back. Very clean and efficient which made me comfortable. Will definitely be a repeat customer. Only done today and cant wait to see the results a couple weeks from now
Lainey HNose Filler/ Face Contour
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My experience at Bolo Clinic was very positive and easy! This was my first time getting fillers and I was so comfortable and calm here. My results are exactly what I wanted and it was virtually pain free, thank you so much!


Hair fillers are a permanent way to correct areas of the scalp that are prone to baldness and hair thinning. They can create the impression of thick and illustrious hair and restore a head of hair to its former glory. Hair fillers can be done in a number of different ways and using various techniques.

After one treatment session, the hair filler ensures that the hair loss process is already stopped. The subsequent treatment sessions stimulate blood circulation and activate the hair follicles, so the hair growth process is accelerated and thicker and firmer hairs grow back.

Hair filler treatment ensures the gradual release of active substances at the root of the hair. By injecting a complex of a total of 7 prolonged release peptides into the scalp where hair follicles are located, all necessary active substances are directly placed in the problem area targeting the causes of hair loss in men and women.

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